#thirstyanimal challenge

What is #thirstyanimal challenge ?

It is an initiative for stray animals to provide good drinking water in these summer days. I would say not in summer only, but also in every season. Because, we see everyday that animals and birds struggle to get water.To get water, they depend on nearby drain or river or rainwater. But in summer, many drains are dry drain. So, they are not able to drink and there is a little chance for rain. So, they feel thirsty as like us and they are not able to get water. It is so painful !!

Now, it is summer season and temperature is so high. But we are at our home and we are keeping ourselves cool by turning on AC and by drinking cold water and many kinds of beverages. But think about those animals. How they are suffering ! they also need water. But they can not tell us. Because they are not able to speak. But we are human beings . We can understand their pain.

A thirsty cow searching for water

Can we do a small arrangement for them ? How?

There is nothing to do . But arrange a little mug , bowl or open container or anything which can contain fresh water.Keep it in front of your house in a side. So that stray dogs, cats and birds, etc. It would be much greater if you can arrange a big container so that it would be helpful for cows , bulls or donkey,etc.

Keep water container in front of your house like this.

If we all do the same and provide them water, then you will not see them searching for water anymore and you will feel happy and it will feel self-satisfaction.

Let’s do this challenge. You will feel immense pleasure by seeing them drinking .So, let’s share this noble idea to everyone for humanity…